About Us

The idea for Anchor Me came to me during a time of extreme happiness in my life. I made a few bracelets to express to my most precious loved ones how much they meant and how I knew they would always be there when I needed them . . . my anchors.
 As my little company grew and changed, I grew and changed. I married my wonderful husband, we had our beautiful daughter, Olive, and we moved to Denver and then back again to Mattapoisett. So much change has afforded me the opportunity to rely on the anchors I already had, but make new ones too.
 Now that our little family is back in our hometown and I’m back at my home office, it seems more change is in order. When Anchor Me launched our druzy earrings, I knew I was passionate about them. I knew they would brighten someone’s day. I knew people would see them and smile and feel good about themselves when they wore them. I also knew that I was lucky enough to work from home and be with Olive full time. Each day it was Olive and I. It was Olive and I when the druzy line was being developed and I was pregnant, it was Olive and I while we were launching the line while she slept in her bassinet, and it continues to be Olive and I while she giggles with her drum set while I attach earrings to cards.
 It just makes sense that we relaunch our earring collection as “Olive and I.” I want the world for my daughter and I am convinced this little person will move mountains. Each and every collection that Olive and I launch will be centered on the traits I wish most for her to develop as she grows.
 It is with great pride that Olive and I relaunch our brand with the Sparkle, Simply Stated, Whimsy, and Bohemian collections. Each and every one, and all future collections, are dedicated to my amazing daughter, Olive.
 With love, always,