Love Me Bracelet
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Love Me Bracelet

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Love Me symbolizes the center of emotion and affection that comes from the heart. Everyone needs to give and receive love to lead a fulfilled life. Give this heart as the ultimate symbol of love.

All our bracelets come in either a silver or bronze finish and have a wide variety of colored cords to choose from. Each and every one of our bracelets, starting with the Anchor Me bracelet, were designed to be tied on by a loved one and meant to be tied on for a long time...until it falls off. The best way to tie our bracelets is with a square knot. A square knot is a simple double knot that changes half way through; right over left side, then the left over right and trim off the extra cord you don't need; add a drop of super glue to the knot and you are all set! All our bracelets are swim, shower, and sweat proof!