Lucky Me Bracelet
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Lucky Me Bracelet

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Lucky Me’s horseshoe is a symbol of good fortune and has been hung in homes for many years to attract good luck. Whether you aspire to be lucky in life, love, or fortune, wear your Lucky Me bracelet and attract luck to you at all times.
All our bracelets come in either a silver or bronze finish and have a wide variety of colored cords to choose from. Each and every one of our bracelets, starting with the Anchor Me bracelet, were designed to be tied on by a loved one and meant to be tied on for a long time...until it falls off. The best way to tie our bracelets is with a square knot. A square knot is a simple double knot that changes half way through; right over left side, then the left over right and trim off the extra cord you don't need; add a drop of super glue to the knot and you are all set! All our bracelets are swim, shower, and sweat proof!